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Alternatively, if your question or suggestion might be useful to others as well, please consider posting on the public discussion board.

For issues with the code, please file a Github issue.

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Many people generously volunteered their time and expertise to advise us on WILDS. We are grateful for all of the help from: Aditya Khosla, Andreas Schlueter, Annie Chen, Aleksander Madry, Alexander D’Amour, Allison Koenecke, Alyssa Lees, Andrew Beck, Ashwin Ramaswami, Behzad Haghgoo, Bowen Liu, Charles Sutton, Christopher Yeh, Cody Coleman, Dan Hendrycks, Dan Jurafsky, Daniel Levy, Daphne Koller, David Tellez, Erik Jones, Evan Liu, Fisher Yu, Georgi Marinov, Hongseok Namkoong, Irene Chen, Jacky Kang, Jacob Schreiber, Jacob Steinhardt, Jared Dunnmon, Jean Feng, Jeffrey Sorensen, Jianmo Ni, John Hewitt, John Miller, Junguang Jiang, Kelly Cochran, Kensen Shi, Kyle Loh, Li Jiang, Lucy Vasserman, Ludwig Schmidt, Luke Oakden-Rayner, Marco Tulio Ribeiro, Matthew Lungren, Megha Srivastava, Nelson Liu, Nimit Sohoni, Pranav Rajpurkar, Robbie Jones, Robin Jia, Rohan Taori, Ruijia Xu, Sarah Bird, Sharad Goel, Sherrie Wang, Shyamal Buch, Stefano Ermon, Steve Yadlowsky, Tengyu Ma, Vincent Hellendoorn, Yabin Zhang, Yair Carmon, Zachary Lipton, and Zhenghao Chen.

The design of the WILDS benchmark was inspired by the Open Graph Benchmark, and we are grateful to the Open Graph Benchmark team for their advice and help in setting up our benchmark.